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What Kinds of Music Do Hamsters Like?

Last Updated on: 24th September 2023, 09:37 pm

Hamsters are exposed to many sounds in the home, including singing and music. While some genres of music cause stress and anxiety, others are soothing and make hamsters feel relaxed.

The best music for hamsters is classical since piano music and instrumental songs are soothing and can reduce anxiety. Also, catchy music, like pop, country, and songs from the 80s, induces happiness. However, hamsters dislike rock, metal, and rap due to their loudness and heavy beat.

Through scientific research, we can see the many positive effects of music on hamsters. However, never play loud music because it causes perforated eardrums and stress-related health concerns.

Do Hamsters Enjoy Music?

Hamsters are curious animals who require constant mental stimulation. Without it, they get bored and develop stress-related behaviors, such as bar-biting, excessive chewing, and monkey barring.

Many hamsters enjoy listening to instrumental sounds with clear and complex melodies. Music is also beneficial in blocking out stressful noises, like car alarms and dogs barking.

However, while many hamsters can tolerate music, they don’t understand it as we do. This means their level of enjoyment is different and potentially limited compared to ours.

All hamsters are different and have their individual sound preferences. Some hamsters are soothed by soft, gentle music, while others prefer catchier tunes. Of course, some hamsters prefer silence.

Owners must pay attention to their hamster’s demeanor whenever music plays to determine whether they are happy or unhappy. Turn the music off if your hamster appears unsettled.

Is Music Good for Hamsters?

Certain types of music can benefit hamsters, positively affecting their physical and mental well-being.

A journal published by Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience studied the effects of music on rodents and discovered that those exposed to music experienced:

  • Improved spatial and auditory learning.
  • Reduced anxiety-related behavior.
  • Increased immune responses.

The rodents studied also experienced changes in blood pressure and parasympathetic nerve activity.

Not only that, but the study found that music interventions appear to improve neurochemistry and brain function, behavior, physiology, and immunology in rodents, including hamsters.

While several genres of music also had a positive effect, classical music delivered the best response.

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Music for Hamsters To Go to Sleep

If a hamster is restless or your household makes a lot of noise throughout the day, you may want to soothe it to sleep using music.

When doing so, ensure the music is loud enough for the hamster to hear but quiet enough to act as gentle background noise without stressing it out.

Melodic sounds, like piano music, soft jazz music, and even chilled-out house music, are the most effective genres for sending a hamster to sleep. Anything purely instrumental and lacking a heavy beat is recommended, as these are the least anxiety-inducing musical genres.

There’s bound to be a genre the hamster reacts best to, which varies between animals.

Music To Make Hamsters Happy

80s music, pop music, and other songs with a beat are thought to make hamsters most happy. Songs from these musical genres are catchy and repetitive and can make hamsters feel more alert and upbeat.

Country music is another fun genre for hamsters to listen to. Country singers have a soothing tone of voice and, coupled with a catchy beat, induce happiness.

Music To Make Hamsters Calm

Hamsters are prey animals, always on high alert for predators and other dangers. As skittish, naturally nervous creatures, they sometimes need help calming down.

Again, classical and piano music has a soothing effect on hamsters and can help ease anxiety. Also, it stimulates the mind, distracting hamsters from stressful situations.

What Music Do Hamsters Hate?

Rock, metal, and rap music may make a hamster appear more active, but they’re also more likely to be agitated by the fast-paced beat, heavy drums, and loud – sometimes frightening – vocals.

Rock and metal songs are also louder than instrumental music, so you must play them at a low volume to prevent agitation. If you find the hamster becomes skittish while rock, metal, and rap songs are played, these genres are unsuitable.

Does Music Bother Hamsters?

Hamsters have impressive hearing capabilities, detecting frequencies that only they can hear. This enables them to discern dangers and predators, helping them to stay alive.

Their advanced sense of hearing is also what wild hamsters use to communicate with each other without other animals hearing them.

This means they can hear music when it’s being played, even at a relatively quiet level. Naturally, some genres, like rock music and certain pop music, are louder and more disruptive than jazz or piano music. These songs are more likely to make them feel anxious.

You can determine which music genres a hamster is bothered by the most by playing certain songs and seeing how it reacts. That way, you’ll know which ones to avoid. Negative behaviors include:

  • Hiding.
  • Skittishness.
  • Aggressiveness.
  • Stress-related behaviors.

As long as you don’t play the music too loud, you won’t cause a hamster any harm.

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Do Hamsters Mind Loud Music?

Unfortunately, because hamsters have good hearing skills, they’re sensitive to loud music, which can also adversely affect their hearing ability. Furthermore, loud music causes hamsters to fear their environment and hide more frequently.

Prolonged exposure to loud music can lead to a ghost hamster, so it’ll remain in its burrows until everyone quietens down and goes to bed.

One of the most serious problems with loud music is that it causes stress.

According to the MSD Veterinary Manual, stress precipitates harmful bacteria, putting your hamster at risk of health conditions like wet tail and Tyzzer’s disease.

While loud music may not seem problematic, it can harm the hamster’s well-being. That’s why hamsters must have access to a quiet, peaceful environment, particularly during the daylight hours when they sleep.

Can Hamsters Die from Loud Music?

Loud music doesn’t directly kill hamsters. However, stress-related conditions brought on by loud music can be life-threatening. Long-term, loud music can alter a hamster’s personality and lead to illness.

Also, loud music can be dangerous if it catches a hamster by surprise and makes it jump. While hamsters are aerodynamic, they can still break bones from a bad fall.

Many hamsters don’t recover from injuries and die soon after or have to be euthanized.

Then, there’s a lack of sleep to consider. Most people listen to music throughout the day, but this is when hamsters sleep. A tired hamster is stressed, increasing the risk of health conditions.

While some genres of music, like rock, metal, and rap, should be avoided, hamsters enjoy listening to classical music and piano-based tunes. Not only can it benefit their physical health, but it can leave them feeling happier and less anxious in their living environment.