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100 Good Names for A Boy Hamster (And What It Means!)

Once you have a hamster, there’s lots of planning to do. You’ll need to equip the cage and help it adjust to a new home. Another pivotal step is finding a good name for a male hamster.

Hamsters start to recognize the sound of their names once they’ve heard it sufficiently.

Think of a name for a boy hamster that you don’t mind using often. Male hamster names can be inspired by anything from their look and behavior to the world around them.

Choosing a name that suits the hamster is vital to the bonding process.

Common and Popular Names for Male Hamsters?

Here are some of the most oft-used names for boy hamsters:

  • Rex – Because Rex is a popular dog’s name or the infamous dinosaur?
  • Squeaky – Hamsters squeak to communicate, so why not lean into that when naming?
  • Patches – Another name many people will relate to when looking at a hamster.
  • Bandit – This name brings up images of mischief and fun, which is why it’s so popular.
  • Doug – We’re at a loss as to why so many people call their hamsters Doug. It’s a fun name, though.
  • Nibbles – Hamsters love to nibble on snacks and treats, and the name is cute.
  • Jellybean – The unique shape of a hamster’s body often looks like a jellybean sweet.
  • Bernard – A popular pet name, the moniker Bernard means ‘strong, brave, and bold.’
  • Mickey – This name is popular due to its association with Mickey Mouse.
  • Einstein – Hamsters are smarter than most people give them credit for, which is presumably why this name is comparatively commonplace.

Male Hamster Names Inspired by Movies and TV

Everybody has a favorite movie or TV show; in most cases, we’ll also have a beloved character. If you want to pay tribute to a popular pop culture icon, here are some names:

  • Grogu – Also known as “Baby Yoda,” has any fictional character captured the imagination as much?
  • Kirk – As hamsters love to escape and explore, they’ll boldly go where no pet has gone before.
  • Tyrion – The breakout character of Game of Thrones and a good name for a dwarf hamster.
  • Stuart Little – This Michael J. Fox-voiced movie character was a mouse, but it’s a great name.
  • James Bond – Like 007 himself, the hamster will venture to a range of exotic locations undercover, albeit within the confines of your home.
  • Ted – Why not just have some fun with the fact that a Syrian hamster resembles a teddy bear?
  • Hamilton – Name the hamster after the musical that has taken the world by storm.
  • Yogi – Everybody’s favorite bear is smarter than the average ranger.
  • Chewbacca – Another suggestion from the Star Wars universe, this name could be shortened to.
  • Chewie –Ideal for many hamsters based on their behavior.
  • Gizmo – The mogwai from the Gremlins franchise is a critter that can match a hamster’s cuteness.
adorable boy hamster names

Boy Hamster Names Based on Mythology

You’ll find many cute names for boy hamsters if you read up on mythology. Whether it’s tales of Greek myths, the Roman gods, or Norse mythology, here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Thor – Surely the Norse god of thunder needs no introduction?
  • Zeus – The king of the gods in Greek mythology is a regal name for a male hamster.
  • Saturn – The god of time in Roman mythology and an undeniably great name for a pet.
  • Osiris – One of the most recognizable faces in Egyptian mythology and another cool name.
  • Perseus – A legendary adventurer of Greek myth.
  • Odin – The father of Thor and Loki in Norse mythology and a regal hamster moniker.
  • Hercules – The legendary strongman of Greek myth will inspire any hamster.
  • Apollo – The Roman and Greek god of the sun, Apollo is a good name for a hamster.
  • Anubis – Return to Egypt and name your hamster after this lord of the underworld.
  • Loki – The Norse god of mischief is an ideal name for a cheeky hamster.

Hamster Names Based on Superheroes

While Disney characters offer inspiration for naming female hamsters, you may find that superheroes inspire similar creativity when picking a moniker for your male hamster:

  • Spider-Man – Many hamsters spend hours clambering up their cages like this famous wall-crawler.
  • Hulk – If a hamster has a temper, this is ideal – or it could be a funny, ironic choice for a dwarf breed.
  • Batman – Like the Dark Knight, the hamster will be a creature of the night, as they’re crepuscular.
  • Rocket – The wisecracking raccoon of the Guardians of the Galaxy may remind us of a hamster.
  • Wolverine – This superhero is small but feisty.
  • Beast – A mutant pal of Wolverine, this is a good universal pet name.
  • Gambit – Another member of the X-Men, another cool name for a male hamster.
  • Kraven – A bad guy, this villain of Spider-Man is a world-class hunter.
  • Daredevil – Many hamsters are extremely brave when exploring – and they’re extremely short-sighted, like this Marvel hero.
  • Quicksilver – A hero blessed with super speed, much like many hamsters.

Funny Names for Boy Hamsters

Often, the most adorable boy hamster names are the ones that lean into humor.

If a hamster is the clown of your home, or you want to embrace a fun or ironic name, here are some amusing ideas for male hamster names:

  • Hamlet – There’s little funny about Shakespeare’s tragic play, but it’s an amusing hamster name.
  • Mr. Whiskers – Hamsters have whiskers, so why not give yourself a chuckle when naming your pet?
  • Scoffy – This name will fit if your hamster loves to stuff his pouches.
  • Beefcake – Hamsters aren’t fabled for their muscles, but you can have fun with this name.
  • Ham Solo – There are a plethora of puns that could be made using celebrity names.
  • Hamburglar – A celebration of the famous scoundrel from McDonald’s and a hamster pun.
  • Monster – As hamsters are small and non-intimidating, this is a fine choice for a humorous name.
  • Fluffybutt – Hamsters are fluffy, and they have butts.
  • Rudolph – Your hamster may have a pink nose, similar to the red nose associated with the world’s most famous reindeer.
  • Snickerdoodle – Do you need any reason for this beyond the fact that it’s adorable?

Celebrity Male Hamster Names

These days, celebrities are everywhere. Whether it’s a sporting superstar, a Hollywood actor, or a legendary rock star, why not name a male hamster after a larger-than-life figure in the public eye?

  • Houdini – This magician was famed for his ability to escape, much like hamsters.
  • Bolt – Why not name a rapid-running hamster after Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man?
  • Bono – The U2 frontman has inspired people for many years.
  • Hamphrey Bogart – Consider having fun with a hamster’s name, adding a pun to the proceedings.
  • Gretzky – If you’re a hockey fan, who better than The Great One to name your hamster after?
  • Elvis – The King of rock and roll lives on in the hearts of many.
  • LeBron – The world’s greatest basketball player can lend his name to a unique hamster identity.
  • Jagger – Does your hamster have moves like the Rolling Stones frontman?
  • Elon – The billionaire Elon Musk is never far from the headlines. Do you admire him enough to name a hamster after him?
  • Jimi Hamdrix – Another punning name inspired by a musical legend from the past.
  • Hammy Styles If you prefer something more contemporary.

Habit and Activity-Based Names for Male Hamsters

One of the best things about hamsters is their unique personality quirks and foibles. You may want to live with a hamster for a day or two, watch how he interacts with the world, and use one of these names:

  • Chomper – Does your hamster tend to nip and bite at you when you attempt handling?
  • Turbo – Some hamsters have endless energy levels and move at amazing speeds.
  • Digger – If your hamster spends more time digging and burrowing than above ground, give it a name to suit.
  • Bashful – Like the Disney dwarf of the same name, some hamsters are shy.
  • Cheeky – If your hamster likes to stuff its cheeks with food, bedding, or anything else, you can reflect this in his name.
  • Munchy – A hamster that can never seem to sate his appetite will suit this name.
  • Punchy – Not all hamsters bite and nip, but this might be a fun name if your hamster still likes to stand its ground.
  • Warrior – Don’t stand on ceremony if your hamster shows signs of stoutheartedness.
  • Jitterbug – Equally, your hamster may be a little nervous and jumpy.
  • Grumpy – Sometimes, there’s nothing to gain from subtlety. If your hamster is moody, don’t hide from it.

Boy Hamster Names Based on Appearance

We just discussed names based on how your hamster acts, but how about what he looks like? Here are some cute male hamster names that may feel appropriate based on your hamster’s aesthetic:

  • Shadow – Can you think of a better name for a dark-furred hamster?
  • Midnight – This is also a great name for a dark hamster.
  • Dalmatian – This is a good moniker if your hamster has spots on its fur.
  • Butterball – If your hamster carries a little extra weight, this name is a good-natured way of acknowledging it.
  • Snowball – This is surely the best name for any pure white hamster.
  • Toffee – This is a good name for a light brown furred hamster.
  • Cappuccino – Here’s another choice for a brown hamster.
  • Ash – If your hamster’s fur is flecked with gray, it may resemble ashes.
  • Oreo – Black and white fur on a hamster immediately brings this cookie to mind.
  • Buttons – Inspired by your hamster’s eyes, which will be as black and shiny as buttons.
male hamster names

Animal-Inspired Names for Male Hamsters

Hamsters may be small, but they often have big hearts. You may opt to name a hamster after another, traditionally larger and more ferocious, member of the animal kingdom.

  • Grizzly – Why not name a hamster after a ferocious wild bear? It’s cute at worst and accurate at best.
  • Dragon – OK, so dragons are not real – but this is an undeniably cool hamster name.
  • Monkey – Watching a hamster effortlessly climb its cage, you’ll likely think of the agility of monkeys.
  • Lionheart – If your hamster shows no fear, anoint it with an appropriately brave name.
  • Piranha – Hamsters aren’t aquatic, but how their teeth can quickly strip anything may remind you of the deadly piranha fish.
  • Kraken – We’re back in the land of myth, but imagine how much fun you’ll have saying “release the Kraken” whenever it’s time for exercise outside the cage.
  • Rhino – Place a hamster on a flat surface, and it’ll likely run from one end to the other, not unlike a charging rhino.
  • Squirrel – Like squirrels, hamsters tend to hoard and bury their food.
  • Raptor – These dinosaurs have recently risen to pop culture prominence, sharing their speed of thought and movement with hamsters.
  • Wolf – If for no reason other than it makes a male hamster sound cool, Wolf can be a great name.

Potential Male Hamster Pair Names

It’s important to know that male hamsters rarely get along if housed together.

You may be OK if you keep dwarf hamsters, but two male Syrians should never share a cage – both hamsters will grow territorial and aggressive. Here are some possible names for your pairing:

  • Rocky and Apollo – Just in case your hamsters do get pugilistic.
  • Lennon and McCartney – Arguably the greatest pop-culture double act of all time.
  • Laurel and Hardy – The giants of comedy from the classic era.
  • Bubble and Squeak – A favored snack food and a great pairing name for two hamsters.
  • Archie and Jughead – The comic book BFFs enjoy a new lease of life due to the Riverdale TV show.
  • Holmes and Watson – It’s elementary that you would name your hamsters after these fabled fictional detectives.
  • Simon and Garfunkel – Another classic songwriting duo, arguably the only pair that comes close to Lennon and McCartney.
  • Bert and Ernie – Do pairs of males get any more iconic than these Sesame Street mainstays?
  • Penn and Teller – Maybe bring magic into the hamster cage by naming pets after these Vegas legends.
  • Jekyll and Hyde – Hopefully, you won’t have hamsters with such wildly disparate moods.

There are many cute names to call a boy hamster, so you could choose from more popular and commonplace options or pick something unique. The beauty of choosing male hamster names is that there’s no right or wrong answer.