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100 Best Names for Female Hamsters (with Interesting Meanings)

Last Updated on: 26th September 2023, 02:07 pm

Bringing a female hamster into your home is always exciting, but it comes with certain responsibilities. You’ll need a cage, toys, food, bedding, and a good name for a girl hamster.

Naming a female hamster involves choosing something memorable that suits the hamster’s appearance and personality while remaining fun and unique.

Pick something you feel comfortable using, as hamsters can learn to recognize the sound of their names.

What you call a female hamster is ultimately down to you. To help you get started, here’s a list of names for female hamsters and what they mean.

What Are Some Popular Names for Female Hamsters?

While everybody likes to feel unique, sometimes a name is popular for a reason. Here are the most common names given to female hamsters:

  • Goldilocks – Ideal if your hamster’s fur is gold or sandy in color or if she’s a picky eater.
  • Squeaky – Hamsters squeak to communicate, so why not lean into that when naming?
  • Hazel – Whether referring to a color, tree, or the popular female name, Hazel is a popular moniker.
  • Precious – It’s a common name for dwarf hamsters because the name is a synonym for treasure.
  • Winnie – A cute female name and often linked to Winnie the Pooh.
  • Nibbles – Hamsters love to nibble on snacks and treats.
  • Jellybean – The unique shape of a hamster’s body often looks like a jellybean sweet.
  • Alba – A popular name for female hamsters, this is the Gaelic word for ‘white.’
  • Minnie – It fits the miniature stature of a hamster, and it’s adorable.
  • Ursula – Latin for ‘bear,’ which is a popular name for strong-willed and stubborn female hamsters.

Pop Culture Names for Female Hamsters

Pop culture, such as your favorite movies, TV shows, and books, can be a source of inspiration for naming a hamster. Here are some possible monikers based on things you may enjoy watching and reading:

  • Khaleesi – The last series of Game of Thrones may not have pleased everybody, but Khaleesi remains a great pet name.
  • Eleven – Countless people are glued to the screen whenever a new episode of Stranger is available.
  • Bella – The heroine of the ever-popular Twilight series has inspired many pets.
  • Katniss – If your tastes run more toward The Hunger Games, maybe you’d prefer this heroic name.
  • Hermione – Who doesn’t love the real star of the Harry Potter series?
  • Galadriel – The Elven Queen from Lord of the Rings, is a classy and enigmatic presence.
  • Harley Quinn – This mischievous DC Comics heroine is hugely popular.
  • Dora – Hamsters love to explore, so why not name yours after Dora the Explorer?
  • Scarlett – Gone with the Wind may be an old book and movie, but Scarlett O’Hara remains an enduring icon.
  • Lara Croft – The Tomb Raider video game heroine is adventurous, much like a hamster.
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Girl Hamster Names Based on Mythology

Mythology, especially Greek and Roman, is rich in potential pet names. Each of these names belongs to a goddess of folklore, and they’re all loaded with possible meanings:

  • Diana – Why not name your hamster after none other than Wonder Woman herself?
  • Gaia –The Goddess of the Earth, is a great namesake for a hamster.
  • Vesta – This fun name belonged to the Roman goddess of family, and hamsters are an extension of any family unit.
  • Pandora – Like a hamster, Pandora was curious.
  • Isis – This Egyptian goddess is famed for her beauty.
  • Ariadne – This Greek heroine was a master of mazes and labyrinths, like a hamster who enjoys negotiating tubes.
  • Luna – The Roman goddess of the moon, this feels like a great name for a nocturnal pet.
  • Athena – The Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena was famed for her beauty and fighting prowess.
  • Freyja – A Norse goddess of love, war, and death, Freyja is a lovely and unique hamster name.
  • Aphrodite – The embodiment of beauty in Greek myth, Aphrodite makes a great name for an adorable hamster.

Female Hamster Names Based on Disney Princesses

Is there anybody that doesn’t love the fabled princesses of Disney? Let’s explore some favorites:

  • Rapunzel – The princess famed for her flowing, golden hair is ideal for a long-haired hamster.
  • Snow White – Does your hamster have pure white fur?
  • Aurora – This is the real name of Sleeping Beauty, which is an accurate name for a hamster that struggles to wake up at dusk.
  • Maleficent – Aurora’s arch-enemy isn’t a princess, but it’s a nice hamster name.
  • Jasmine – This popular character from Aladdin lends a beautiful and exotic tone to hamster names.
  • Mulan – As some breeds of hamsters hail from China, why not name them after the princess from the same nation?
  • Belle – The lead of Beauty and the Beast offers a charming name for a hamster.
  • Tinkerbell – Hamsters are tiny, mischievous, and magical, just like the fairy from Peter Pan.
  • Merida – Ideal if your hamster has a red tint to her fur or has a fearless spirit.
  • Cinderella – Like poor old Cinders, hamsters spend hours cleaning their homes and themselves daily.

Funny Names for Girl Hamsters

Hamsters are a constant source of amusement, so why not lean into this and give your pet a funny name? It’s not like you’ll need to shout it in the park while walking a hamster, so the only limit is your imagination! Here are some examples.

  • Dumpling – This name may fit perfectly depending on your hamster’s size.
  • Nugget – This is another amusing name for a hamster, signifying that she’s golden to you.
  • Lady Squeaksalot – If you have a verbal hamster, name her accordingly.
  • Miss Cheeky – A potential double-meaning: a reference to any sassiness your hamster displays, plus her oversized cheek pouches.
  • Madame Wiggles – Hamsters have a unique, wiggly walk that should be celebrated.
  • Mrs. Flufferson – Some hamsters will not remain groomed, no matter how much they try.
  • Taz – If your hamster is a whirling dervish of energy, you can name her after the Tasmanian Devil.
  • Smiler – Most hamsters are gentle, but some can be grumpy. This could make an ironic name for a hamster prone to nipping.
  • Lazybones – Another ironic name for an energetic hamster, or potentially an accurate one.
  • GI Jane – If a hamster likes monkey barring, she may remind you of a military soldier.

Female Hamster Names Based on Celebrities

Is your hamster a diva? If so, she may be drawing inspiration from somebody in the public eye. Celebrities can provide great inspiration for naming a female hamster:

  • Amelia Earhart – A famous American explorer, but unlike Ms. Earhart, you won’t want your hamster to disappear.
  • Cher – A fun name that suits a hamster with a big personality.
  • Oprah – Ms. Winfrey is one of the most recognizable women in America.
  • Aretha – Why not keep the legacy of Aretha Franklin alive?
  • Miley – Another pop diva offering a great hamster name is Miley Cyrus, or you could even use her Hannah Montana character.
  • Marilyn – The legendary Marilyn Monroe could inspire a hamster’s name choice.
  • Beyoncé – Who doesn’t love Queen B?
  • Angelina Jolie – More than just a Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie does great work for the UN, and her name sounds great on a hamster.
  • TayTay – This is a cute way to pay homage to Taylor Swift.
  • Hamela Anderson – Naming pets after a celebrity is fun when using puns.

Cute Names for Girl Hamsters

There is no getting away from the fact that hamsters are adorable. There’s nothing wrong with embracing the cuteness of your pet by choosing a name with a similar appeal:

  • Twinkle Toes – Many hamsters are light on their feet, though this name could be ironic if your hamster keeps you up at night running on her wheel.
  • Sweetheart – This one sums up how you feel about your hamster.
  • Lovebug – Another cute name that sums up the bond you’ll forge with your hamster.
  • Powderpuff – An adorable moniker for any hamster with excess fur.
  • Snowball – Another cute name for a hamster that is all-white.
  • Butterscotch – If you have a light brown hamster, this endearing name will suit her well.
  • Munchkin – An ideal name for a dwarf or otherwise smaller-than-average hamster.
  • Peanut – Many hamsters love to munch on peanuts.
  • Cashmere – A lovely name to remind you of the silky feeling of a hamster’s fur.
  • Princess – If your hamster is pampered, she’ll enjoy being considered royalty.
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Female Hamster Names Based on Appearance and Habits

Sometimes, you may need to look at your hamster to understand what you should call here. Certain physical attributes will bring names to mind – are any of these relevant to your pet?

  • Domino – Perfect for a hamster with spotted colors on her fur.
  • Rusty – Does your hamster have a red tint on her coat?
  • Patience – If your hamster is endearingly calm and serene, why not commemorate this?
  • Tiny – Not the most imaginative of names, but always effective.
  • Snuffles – Inspired by a hamster’s tendency to explore the world through her nose.
  • Pinky – You may take inspiration from a hamster’s bright pink nose and paws.
  • Racer – If your hamster likes to run on her wheel, celebrate her need for speed.
  • Mocha – Back to fur color, this can be a great name for a light brown hamster.
  • Cuddles – Many hamsters learn to love snuggles and cuddles from their human owners.
  • Freckles – Keep an eye out for any adorable freckles on your hamster.

Nature-Inspired Names for Female Hamsters

Female hamsters are beautiful, just like the natural world. Why not consider some of these names, all of which are inspired by picturesque flora?

  • Rose – Roses are used to express love across the globe, ensuring that your hamster will always be associated with adoration.
  • Violet – While often associated with a shade of purple, Violet is also associated with grace and beauty.
  • Lily – As Lilies are pure white, the name Lily is a good name for a similarly light-colored hamster and a celebration of innocence.
  • Petal – A rare name, Petal is akin to a fallen leaf, one of nature’s greatest acts of beauty.
  • Buttercup – As well as being a beautiful flower that captures the heart of many, Buttercup is used as a name for several pop culture characters.
  • Hyacinth – Greek in origin, the name Hyacinth translates as “flower.”
  • Daisy – The daisy is believed to represent purity and innocence, two traits often associated with a female hamster’s gentle temperament.
  • Sweetpea – This name, taken from the flower, is an amalgamation of the Greek for pea and the Latin for fragrant. You’re praising your hamster’s hygiene.
  • Clementine – This was made famous by the popular song of the same name, which is taken from the French word for compassion.
  • Azalea – This flower is native to arid desert conditions, like hamsters. The word comes from the Greek translation for ‘dry.’

Potential Names for Two Female Hamsters

If you’re keeping female hamsters, you’re more likely to enjoy success in pairing two or more hamsters together. If you have a dynamic duo, here are some female hamster pair names:

  • Tic and Tac – Like the famous mints.
  • Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie – Mix and match the names of your favorite Kardashian/Jenner sisters.
  • Venus and Serena – The Williams sisters that redefined women’s tennis.
  • Thelma and Louise – The legendary movie best friends.
  • Betty and Wilma – The neighbors and friends of Bedrock.
  • Sugar and Spice – This is the ideal name pairing if your hamsters have varying temperaments and habits.
  • Ebony and Ivory – Is there any other choice when pairing black and white hamsters?
  • Cookie and Cream – Another cute name pairing that may go down a storm
  • Kit and Kat – Inspired by the ever-popular candy bar.
  • Laverne and Shirley – A tribute to the classic sitcom.

There’s no shortage of cute names available for female hamsters. Have a good look at your hamster and consider what name suits her.